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    Default Buffalo Tragedy-Wakeup Call, Don't Take FD For Granted

    It seems to me that the tragedy in Buffalo on Monday, August 24 should serve as a wakeup call for politicians and citizens to stop taking fire departments for granted and give them the support that they so richly deserve, given the dangerous nature of the work involved. Being from a small town department, albeit in an administrative/support role, I DO take these LOD's personally. The two Buffalo firemen who died Monday could have easily been guys from my own department. It is high time for politicians to stop using the fire department as their favorite whipping boy for their fiscal indiscretions, incompetant management and gross malfeasance to name a few. Both volunteer and paid firefighter alike deserve better than what we are getting from the pathetic excuses of leaders we have ,most of whom are little more than worthless bloodsucking leeches, of which that entire bunch in Albany is a perfect example.I may be support personnel, but my love for the fire service is just as strong as that of any active duty man or woman. After all, my department was there when I needed them and the best gift I could think of giving is the one that keeps on giving, a little of my time, even if I cannot go to fires or anything like that, but I am ready and willing to help all those who do in any way I can. That is how strong my love for the fire service is and as the late Walter Cronkite used to say, That's the way it is from my location in Western New YOrk.

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    Unfortunely politicians will be the first at the funeral, claim what a tragedy it was, but within a week or less they will forget. Politicians see the fire service as a service that brings in no income to the city or state. When it comes to looking at cutting back, the politicians will see the fire service as a place to cut back cause all "those lazy fire fighters do is hang around at the fire station."

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    Default Firefighters are NOT Lazy

    I agree. What those moronic politicians do not seem to realize that at the station between calls, firefighters may be drilling, maintaining their equipment, doing checks, housekeeping chores, administrative tasks, and a myriad of other tasks in addition to the traditional task of fighting fires. The politicians have watched too many cartoons. While I have yet to visit a house of a paid department, I take it on good faith that is what goes on, drilling, briefing on tactics, equipment maintenance and checks and so on. I would take the word of a firefighter before I would take that of a politician. A fireman knows what he is talking about, most politicians do not.

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