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    Default Question on "What is the most appropriate response"

    I recently took a written exam by Fire and Police Selection Inc., and noticed a pattern among a good number of the personality-type questions. The question I am talking about would read something like this:
    "FF Johnson is (hazing you/didn't clean up his dishes/did something else wrong) and this makes you (angry/annoyed/upset)...." and you had to pick the most appropriate, and least appropriate responses to the situation out of four possible options.

    The worst response was usually pretty obvious, but the two best answers usually involved either addressing the issue with your fellow firefighter in person, or speaking to your Captain about the situation.
    I realize that much of your response has to do with the particulars of the situation, but there were many questions that were similar to the one above and I was wondering if there is a rule of thumb to follow when responding. Do you address the situation on your own and hope it stops there, but risk a more serious confrontation? Or do you speak to your supervisor to avoid the confrontation, but gain a bad reputation among your peers?

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Cool answer to question

    It is my understanding that it is better to try to work out the problems with your peers. Unless the situation is dangerous (drugs, alcohol, ect..) there is no need to go further up the chain.

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