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    Default Wildland Firefighting Questions

    Hello all, I'm joining an AmeriCorps emergency response team in the near future and a part of our service will be helping out with wildland fires. I know I'll get red card certified and whatnot, and I'm looking to join a wildland firefighting crew for seasonal work once I get out of my obligation to the AmeriCorps.

    The only problem that I've found is that the term of service runs into mid-August. Most of the crews and organizations I've found note that the season starts much earlier than I'd be available. Are there parts of the country that I could serve in after mid-August? Any other comments, info, or help would be really appreciated.

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    When your done with your TOD look at USAJOBS.com, that's the beast i can give you, But other will chime in soon.
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    When you get done, like Bushwhacker said, check out USAJOBS. Be looking for positions in the Southeast - FL, TN, MS, AL etc. Expect some lag time between Aug and when these areas start, probably March, maybe sooner. I've heard of CA doing some hiring in Aug to replace those leaving for college, but I never saw it done while I was in CA. Good Luck.
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