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    Default Master Intake valves

    I'm just wondering what others are doing in regards to master intake valves.

    Most of our engines have a piston intake valve on them which we run through for relay pumping and knock off for drafting.


    Our latest truck, still to arrive, will have an internal MIV. I'm thinking you wouldn't put a PIV on the outside of that, so does anyone know of a streamer cap with a 4" storz fitting attached and is that the best route?

    I guess a 45 degree elbow would be a good idea to go with that so the weight of the hose won't be pulling down at 90.

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    Default Miv

    Just curious - what type of valve is this? We also use the AB piston intake valve and have found that it will limit GPM. We remove it for drafting but also for hard suction connections to hydrants. By doing this we gain max GPM with the hard suction and eliminate the intake valve which hinders flow.

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    Your new rig that will have master intake valves built in has adjustable pressure relief valves behind the panel as well as air bleeders built in, so long as you have verified this. This is pretty standard for Hale models.

    Stick an elbow on, its a good idea. Only other thing to consider is if you work with any companies that use 5" or larger supply hose; get the elbow with the larger connection and neck it down to 4" storz with an adapter. This way you have the larger waterway opening if you connect 5" hose to it rather than reducing 5" down to 4". Catch my drift?

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    Default Miv

    Started using Hale MIV on a 1997 pumper have two on that rig and have been very happy with them. Maintenance is not overly complicated or demanding and repairs have been reasonable. Just took delivery of a new 1500GPM pumper with three MIV valves on it.

    We use piston intake valves on some apparatus but none on MIV equipped pumpers. I am using elbow adapters.


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    If I remember correctly,

    Hale's Master intake valve (on a QMax) was available in 6" intake. The downside to it... Electronic, and we had some issues of wiring being incorrect causing the valve to not open fully.

    A pretty pricey option considering a ball valve intake is around $1200.00

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    I find the TFT Jumbo Ball intake is pretty impressive, specifically model AX8NX-NX, with 6" threads on both sides.

    Here's some flow data I gathered using a Hale Q-Max pump operating from a draft a while back:
    1. No intake valve 1,982 GPM with 14" Hg restriction.
    2. TFT Jumbo Ball Intake 1,818 GPM with 18 Hg restriction.
    3. Akron Piston Intake with 6" threads 1,430 GPM with 22 Hg restriction (that the same model valve equipped with a 4" Storz flowed about 500 GPM less, like the next valve)
    4. Elkhart Piston Intake Valve with 4" Storz 871 GPM with 22 Hg restriction
    5. No intake valve with 4 suction hose 1,630 GPM with 20 Hg restriction

    disclaimer: I do not sell TFT products, I don't work for TFT, nor do any of my friends or relatives. I have no stake in the company.
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