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    Default Interviewing for a paramedic position. HELP!!

    Next week I'll be taking a test and doing an interview for a paramedic/fire fighter position at a department that I REALLY want to work for. Needless to say I'm pretty nervous. Can anyone give me any pointers or suggestions about what to review or what might be asked at the oral board review? THANKS!!!

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    Just be YOURSELF and dont fake it. No fake answers, no fake persona.
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    Get it up. Get it on. Get it done!

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    Completely agree!!! Be yourself. Answer any questions honestly, and don't forget to SMILE!!! When asked what's important to you, answer from your heart and don't give the "typical" response.

    Either way, I'm sure you'll do great. Keep us informed!!

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    I always try to tell people interviewing a couple of things. First, as a interview board member I don't care how much you "want' the job. Everyone interviewing "wants" the job. Big deal! Tell me what you are going to do for me, the fire service manager. Are you going to be a turd, a goofball who is always causing me to pay attention to you, or a cowboy who doesn't follow directions? Or are you going to be a conscientious, capable firefighter who shows up for work, takes care of business, and as a BC I have to ask someone what your name is (at least for the first couple of years).

    Next, show some enthusiasm. I'm not interviewing you to work the counter at McDonalds. I'm inviting you into my family. I'm going to live with you for 24 hours at a time, and I'll see you awake more than I'll see my wife and kids. I need to see some personality in the 15-minute interview because I want someone who can be compatible with the rest of the crew. Give me a reason to select you over the other humps waiting in the lobby. Without looking like a poster child for Ritalin, give me a sign of life.

    Hope you have been doing the pre-interview groundwork like getting to know some of the members (and chiefs) of the department. Not many people are hired that are complete strangers to the department. Good luck!
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    Oh wow, lots of work to be done. I am not an expert here, but agree with Capt. Bob on a lot of points.

    I will cover a few things-

    You need to work on some answers PRIOR to going in- Why should I hire you? What have you done to prepare for the job? What is your background?

    Stay away from general terms like "team player", etc. Do you have any signature stories only YOU can tell?

    Lots of articles here, scroll down- www.firerecruit.com

    Lots of FREE pre printed material here- www.eatstress.com
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