First and foremost I thank you for taking the time to read my post. I will begin by introducing myself...

My name is Eddy and I have been serving Active Duty US Air Force for the past three years. It certainly has flown by just as everyone said it would! I have enjoyed my time in the Air Force immensely, as I have made tons of friends, traveled all over the world and have had the honor of serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and should be shipping out to Iraq at some point within this fiscal year.

Becoming a firefighter has always been a career I have considered pursuing. I opted to join the military, obviously, rather than pursuing the fire service. My date of seperation is fast approaching September 11th 2011, and I often question whether I should stay in or get out and pursue my dream of becoming a firefighter. I suppose the questions I will pose will be directed more towards prior military firefighters, but I will gladly accept any and all advice offered!
Since the recession hurt many sectors, including city budget, I was wondering if the fire service job outlook still looks promising? I understand many of the seasoned and older vets have opted to stay longer and am curious if the hiring process has slowed and will it continue to be slow for years to come?
Do any of you prior military ever regret leaving the service to become a firefighter? Do you enjoy your life as a firefighter any better than you did as a servicemen?

Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated!

PS- I'm not a firefighter in the Air Force...