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    Default Any idiot can win...

    As I proved in Full Throttle 1, any idiot can win since I resemble any idiot.

    nfff.fullthrottlesupport.com is the spot, only $10 a chance and so far $20 is the magic amount but of course feel free to buy more.

    Attached some pics of the new bike and mine, figured they'd probably never be next to each other again. Or at least until the next winner is chosen in April 2010 and we meet up on a ride.

    And yes that's the real TX Plate. I was trying to figure out what to do and saw the custom God Bless America plate and decision was made. It's got an eagle, a flag, the national motto, end of story dang it.

    So do me proud brothers & sisters, let's raise some money for the survivors.
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    Won't make the Red Helmet Ride this year, too close to the kid being due. Aiming for next year. In the meantime, take a chance and help a survivor.

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