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    Iím a firefighter with the Green Bay Fire Department. Iím in the process of collecting information on various departments health and wellness/physical fitness programs, with the hope of ultimately developing and implementing a program for our department. My department does not currently have any physical fitness requirements other than completion of the CPAT for new hires. We do however have annual physicals and Health Risk Assessments which seem to be nothing more than a yearly reminder that our ranks are ďout of shape.ď What I have is a few quick questions that Iím hoping I can use to help persuade our members that we need some sort of fitness program. Any help is appreciated, also if you know of a similar thread already posted in the forums let me know. Please include the name of your department with your response. Thanks.

    Does you department allow scheduled time for exercise while on duty?

    Is it mandatory that you work out while on duty?

    If so, is time set aside for working out during what would be considered your typical workday (I.e. 8-4) portion of your shift?

    Is your unit placed out of service for a set time while you exercise?

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    I work for a decent sized metropolitan dept. we cover just shy of 200 square mi, and have 17 stations with roughly 400 line personel. Our dept is very pro physical fitness. They give us alot of money for equipment and peer trainiers. We are allowed to workout on duty, however doing so is crew specific as to whether time will be set aside. Send me a PM and I will help you out some more. I have alot of info on this topic and the struggles depts in our area have gone through on this topic.

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