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    Default WSI class action law suit

    Has any one heard anything on the class action lately?

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    Default wsi lawsuit

    i called about 3 weeks ago and talked to one of the clerks who is helping the attorney with the case..there was nothing for her to tell me..like everyone i heard the rumors about it going into arbitration 2 times and wsi losing both times, i heard about us getting anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 for every year we worked..but according to her, that was all rumors..none of that has happened..again, this was 3 weeks ago..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksheets View Post
    Has any one heard anything on the class action lately?

    Drop me your email address and I will sned you the latest email that I got from the lawyer working the case and that should answer your question. You can drop me a line at crimsonproud@yahoo.com.


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    By the time WSI can't manage to drag this out any longer, my great-grandkids (I don't even have kids yet) should get a check for around 49 cents, after lawyer fees.

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    Do NOT go to work for this company!!!!! I am here now and am just trying to finsh a year! The company is going under! Chief Ty, Tony Collins, and Uden are all curently under chu arrest for stealing money from the goverment! When they go to the DFAC to eat, they have to be escorted by MP's, this company has only a couple months left period! And they are termanating 70 FF positions within the month.

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