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    Hey, I have two questions to ask for you guys. Firstly, I've read some books on firefighting and a lot of them seem to note that many prospective firefighters also test and apply for jobs as police officers. Granted, many of the books I've read are based in major cities (NYC, San Francisco, etc.) but I was wondering how common that was, and whether or not that would help me land a job as a fireman. I'm sure it wouldn't peg me as a shoe-in, but I do wonder if it'd help.

    I also wanted to test out an idea that I have. The girlfriend/soon to be fiancée is applying to PhD programs across the country. I'm planning on moving to be with her, so where I'm going to live in the next few years is kind of up in the air. I'm planning on getting my EMT certs and working while she's in school, and then applying to departments wherever we end up afterwards. Sound good? I know on the surface it does, but many threads I've read on here insist that an applicant should test and re-test constantly. I'm weighing that info against not really wanting to tie myself down in an area I don't want to live.

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    I can see the relevance in testing for Police Officers as it gives you another chance to take a similar style test, but if you don't want to be a Police Officer, I wouldn't waster your time and money or the Police Department's time and money. Some dept's charge you to take their test to help cover the costs, others absorb it all themselves. There are many books out there with sample fire tests. I'd go that route.

    Also, if you got into a process and your girlfriend ended up having to relocate, would you stay behind to work or would you quit so you could be with her? If you don't have any intentions of staying, I wouldn't apply. Many depts will have you sign an agreement that if you quit within the first so many years you have to reimburse them for the training and equipment. Instead, work on certifications and things that will help you in the process once you settle down.

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