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    Default new Fire Fighting Boots?!?!?

    Hi all, I need new boots, because my ol boots are "dead"

    what are the best boots at the moment in the "fire fighting boots"-market?

    please no cheap crazy stuff. I need good structural fire fighting boots (+nfpa...)

    I found this boots (Haix Fire Hunter Xtreme - $189)

    and this (Thorogood Structural Fire Fighting Bunker Boot - $310)

    would be really coolf if someone can give me a feedback

    thanks and greets

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    Thumbs up What I have

    I have Thorogood leather boots and i love them...only downside to them is you can't decon leather boots after chem haz mat. Haix boots are definitely the next generation. I thought I would love to try a pair. If you do go with Haix I sould love to hear what you think.

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    I have Black Diamond X Boots and love them. But the most popular leather boots seem to be the new Globe boots. In every thread i have seen on every fire related website seem to have nothing but people claiming them to be the best leather bunker boots ever. I would highly suggest looking into them. Do a search on this website for them and read some of the reviews, all positive. They are my next boot for sure.

    As for leather boots not being able to be de-cond, i have been hearing from people latley saying that it is not true. Methods exist to do it. At least that is what i hear.

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    thanks for the comments
    i will order them tomorrow (with the 10% discount....) and write a test review in a view weeks

    I had 3 pairs of globe boots and I had problems with each pair.

    this is the answer why I'm looking for new boots :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfd218 View Post
    ...only downside to them is you can't decon leather boots after chem haz mat...
    Changing schools of thought on this matter. See the below link and click on the link to the video on that page.


    As for the Haix boots, I wear the Haix Fire Hunter Xtreme and they are a dream. Great fit, and support. I feel the difference in my feet, knees, and back after being on a scene for hours at a time. There really is no comparison when it comes to rubber.

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    A couple of months ago I got a flyer from Globe for their leather boots. I had Ranger shoe-fit at the time and was not really impressed with the Rangers. I bought, out of my own pocket, a pair of the Globe leathers. I was so impressed with the fit and comfort (and stablity when walking on uneven surfaces) that I bought the globe's for the 3 new FF's they all love them. One of the new FF's has several years with another dept and says they are the most comfortable boots he's worn. And no I don't work for or sell any item, I just keep the right front seat warm, talk on the radio and once in a while the engineer lets me blow the airhorn.

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    We just went to the Warrington 5006 a couple of months ago and we love them. Of course, they're the first leather boots we've ever bought, and the first ones I've ever used, so I can't really compare them with other leathers. But they're a damn sight better than the rubber boots we're used to.

    Last month I spent a whole weekend on my feet in them at an extrication class. The salesman delivered them to me on Friday night and I wore them all day Saturday and Sunday. Felt great right out of the box.
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