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    Default Tower Rent - Fundraiser

    First off, I have no financial interest in this- just trying to help some departments out.

    If any fire department has some space on their two way radio tower,
    or even a place to put a small one up in these areas, I have a company
    that is needing space. They will pay rent to you for this. This is a good fundraiser!

    A great big tower is not needed, this equipment is small.

    BTA047 - Bloomington-Bedford,IN 1 site in Bloomington
    BTA093 - Columbus,IN 1 site in Columbus
    BTA204 - Indianapolis,IN 1 site in Inianapolis
    BTA235 - Lafayette,IN 1 site in Lafayette
    BTA280 - Marion,IN 1 site in Marion

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    Contact me at bbowers@mozarks.com if interested.

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