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    Default ARFF Apparatus Application to wild land Firefighting

    This the question how can we think outside the box?
    I have had the experience these past 5 year helping the county fire dept. handle brush fires on our islands. to see how effective an ARFF truck can be goto youtube: Molokai fire kalamaula (steven buse and david gomes video.

    They caught the action as it happened i was the driver in the truck.
    we were task force ARFF. crew of three, A Capt. in the utility truck, AFEO and FF in the E-One 1500. This is a good setup for night ops We did about 30 Quick knock downs.
    The utility truck is used for scouting ahead of the E-One 1500 making the decision to commit or not. this works great he also looks for water source to refill. see link below.

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