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    Thumbs up My "Firefighter Workout" Routine

    Here is my "Firefighter Workout" routine that I do at least once a week, which complements with my weekly strength training/cardio workouts/stair training.

    *Please note that this same post is also on the "Testing and Fitness" board. I posted this on both boards because it seem that the "Health and Wellness" board does not get as many views as the "Testing and Fitness" board, though both boards are very helpful for someone who is or aspires to be in the fire service.

    Here are the list of the exercises in the order in which I complete them (All exercises should be done while wearing gloves):

    1.) Put on a 25 lbs. weight vest (Eventually, I will work my way up to a 50 lbs. vest) and perform 10-12 push ups using the Perfect Push up machine or regular pushups. Then place a high-rise hose pack on your shoulder and walk 100 ft. around a cone and then back to the starting spot. ( THEN REPEAT EXERCISE #1)

    2.) Take the weight vest off and proceed to the tractor tire. Flip the tractor tire forward 10 times. Once completed, take a 10 second break.

    3.) After your break, take a 8 lbs. sledgehammer and use it to strike the tire for 20 seconds and then take a 10 second break. During the break, switch the sledgehammer to your other side. (So if you started on your right, switch to your left.) You will do 4 sets total; 2 on the left, 2 on the right (All while keeping to the 20 seconds of striking, 10 seconds of rest, and switching sides between rest.) Once you complete all 4 sets, take a 10 second break.

    4.) Repeat the Tractor Tire Flip Exercise.

    5.) Repeat the Sledgehammer Swings Exercise.

    6.) Next you will move to the weighted resistance sled. Decide how much weight you want to load onto the sled. Attach the shoulder harness onto yourself. Then attach the pair of leads to the sled and to your harness. Now pull the sled forward 100 ft.

    7.) Once you have pulled the sled 100ft., unhook the pair of leads from your shoulder harness. Turn the sled around, wrap each lead around each of your gloved hands 2-3 times, and proceed to pull the sled backwards 100ft.

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