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    Default Anti-depressants?

    I had been on and off of anti-depressants for a while for anxiety. I now realize that I should have dealt with my problems without medication. I am doing so now. However, hindsight is 20/20. I can't change it. Now I need to know if/how this will affect employment with a fire department. Thank you.
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    The application, background and medical packets will ask you in several different ways, “Have you ever”. Computers don’t forget. If you don’t put it down they find it you’re immediately eliminated from the hiring process.

    If you list on your background and psych information that you have seen a psychologist in the past, the psychologist who interviews you is going to want to know why and talk to your doc. If your medical insurance paid the bill there is a record. In the process you will sign off your rights and they can look at anything they want.

    If a candidate has had a history of anxiety related disorders and medications their odds of becoming a firefighter are not good. Where is can really play out is in the psych evaluation most of these candidates fail. With problems in your past the doc will ask you some difficult questions that could take the wheels off your wagon.

    I asked a psychiatrist if someone gets treatment for a medical condition that’s OK. But it’s treated differently if someone seeks treatment for a psychological condition it can affect their chances of being hiring as a firefighter. The doc said it shouldn’t but too often does.

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