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    Default Question about jumping from job to job

    I currently have 6 years in the fire service and just ended a 4 year stint with a professional department due to a difference a moral issue between myself and one of my senior officers. I have found it very difficult to make the same money in the private sector and found it hard to live with the pay cut. Through my research I have 2 departments that I would be very happy gaining employment with and eventually retiring from. As we all know the first test may or may not end in employment by any given city. This brings me to my question. Would it be detrimental to my career if I tested at another smaller department with a high chance of employment in the mean time until I can get a job at one of the departments that I am looking at or should I tough it out to keep from looking unreliable? Thank you in advance for your replies and opinions.

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    Let me see if I got this right. You were a paid firefighter and quit after four years. You went to the private sector and decided you did not like it. Now you want to get hired back in the fire service at a larger department. In the meantime you want to get hired on a smaller department until the larger department is ready to hire you. Did I get his right?

    Assuming I did, here are my thoughts:

    YOU left the fire service because you did not agree with your officer. Now you went to the private sector and realize that you made a mistake. Hmmmm... I guess the question one would have to ask is why did you not take steps to rectify the situation instead of quitting? There is much more to the story than what you are telling. It's highly unusual for firefighters to QUIT. There are processes in place to resolve disputes. If he was REALLY doing something immoral or illegal, one would ask why YOU did not step up and report it.

    Many people become firefighters for the love of the job and helping people etc. I am not hearing any of this in your post. I suspect that your approach will make it VERY difficult for you to get hired again at ANY department.

    Not to mention that the "next" department is going to hire a background investigator to find out why you left the previous department.
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    Paul, there has to be more to this story!!

    He probably isn't cut out to be a firefighter. When he applies for another department and puts on the application that he was at FD X for only 4 years and the reason he left or if luckly enough to pass all the hurdles and gets an interview, they are going to ask him why he left and what caused him to leave?
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    It does happen, people leave and do get hired on again. I was actually hired with another guy who was hired for this dept seven years before he was hired again. He quit because he thought he was going to get hired in another city, didn't ended up in the private sector. He got hired a few years later for another dept and left that one to come back here.
    Another guy that was hired here, left to go to another dept, left that one for another and last I heard he is looking to get on a big city dept in the state.

    It does happen, but the problem is is how you are going to convince a dept to take a chance on you. You are going to have to sell yourself and be ready to answer honestly why you are looking to get hired again. However, when an application is filled with several different fire departments, to me, raises a flag as to what the person's motivation is.

    The problem I see with you taking a job on a smaller dept, just to wait until you get hired on a bigger is you do take a job from someone who really wants the job and doesn't care about going to another dept. However, that is your perogative if you are just looking out for yourself. Although, I have seen some departments that have you sign a contract that if you leave in a certain number of years you reimburse the dept. After all the dept does spend money on a person and should not have to endure the costs just to be a pit stop. My belief is if you get on a dept, you do owe them something.
    The thoughts and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the thoughts and or views of city or dept affiliation.

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