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    Default Grant for construction and expansion

    I would like to find a grant for construction and expansion of my station.
    I am out of room, my training room is way too small and the bathroom and shower facilites are lackluster I need a drillground and a burn builiding or tower. The department has outgrown what is was originally desgned for ten years ago. No one ever guess we would be as big as we are.

    if anyone knows of any oppertuinites it would be appreiciated
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    You already missed that grant. go to firegrantsupport.com

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    i missed that one i was basically told i wouldnt get it because they limit the departments to those who dont really need it.

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    Hate to hear it went down like that for you, but it sounds like you need to stop listening to whatever "experts" you're talking to about grants. 3 out of the 4 we have in the preliminary review process are in the "wouldn't have a chance" boat according to some that they talked to prior to submission. I'm not going to be real surprised when the awards come out and the list doesn't look like what DHS even predicted for department types and locations.

    Just ask around these forums, lots of folks get funded for things they need every year despite what some say. The only applications truly without a chance are those not submitted.

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    Now to answer your question though, you missed the Fire Station Construction grant. There is not a whole lot of other choices for you. Most of them will be only partial solutions which will not completely fund what you are looking for in a grant.

    First on the list, above everything else, is "get your land secured". If you don't have the land, you have nothing to bring to the table so to speak and you need to be able to offer that. Get someone to donate it to you in return for naming the building after their "dear departed" or get a long term 100 year lease for a $1 a year but get and secure title to yoUR land first.

    After doing so you may want to look at USDA Rural Facilities Grant/Loan program or the Community Development Block Grant Program form HUD. They won;t fund it all but, they can pick up a portion of it for you.
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