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    Default Few questions????

    I am trying to get on to a local career station. I was wondering if I joined a volunteer department first would they pay for me to go get certified in emt B?
    And do you have to have first responder before you can get your emt B? just any info on what I can do to have a better chance of become a firefighter like becoming certified in anything special? I live in arkansas

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    Depends on the department as far as them paying for your EMT B cert. So check with them. However, do not just join them to get your cert paid for. You want to establish a good connection with them because they will most likely be a reference for a job. As I'm sure you're aware, people that have been in emergency services for any length of time get to know certain people in some certain positions. Good Luck with everything!
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    To answer the second part of your question, no, you shouldn't have to get First Responder first, you should be able to take EMT-B straight away. If you are planning on getting on with a career department, most require EMT-B at a minimum, and some require Paramedic. If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time getting First Responder if you eventually plan to do this as a career.

    And to echo what Scooter said, please, PLEASE do not join a volly department just to get your training paid for. Join only if you plan to remain a member, at least for a couple of years, and actually run calls and contribute your services during that time. I have had experience with guys joining my department who acted all gung-ho to get their EMT or First Responder training, swore they were in it for the long haul and really wanted to run medical calls (should've been my first clue ), only to disappear almost immediately once they got the cert. So please don't do that. Like Scooter said, your "dream department" will probably contact your volly department before they offer you the job, to see what kind of fireman you are/were while you were there. Having used them that way would not get you any favorable reviews.

    Good luck with whatever you decide
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