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    Default Middle age guy career change

    I am 37 years old wanting to get on a fire dept here in the Denver area. I need some help with my direction. I am getting ready to start a EMT-B program in January. I really need some assistance of what I should be doing to move foward with this. 1st thing is honestly I'm I wasting my time at my age. If not how should I approach all this? Just apply and wait, I get so confused. Can you take CPAT before you apply? Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you so much.

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    Wink Not too late

    I am also 37 and looking to go career in the Denver/FT Collins area. I know that they are not hiring till 2010 so you will have time to finish your EMTB. This is a very important step as almost all departments require it along with your CPR certification. I would reccomend taking the DRCOG test(Next one is in Nov). It is not needed for Denver but for about 13 other departments it is what they use to choose their initial applicants. Getting a high score on the DRCOG will help you tremendously. During your EMTB class you will have little time for anything else so just get ready to have a little fun and work hard. Denver and Loveland have hired applicants over 40 so don't stress too much. They are not supposed to discriminate based on age. You might also want to get your CPAT(Candidate Physical Ability Test) certificate. Most departments require it and it is sometimes a nasty surprise when you are not fit enough to pass it and you are suddenly thrown out of the hiring process. There is lots of info available on this site to help you on your journey. Good Luck!!!

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    Some thoughts-

    - Age is not a factor. You bring more to the table with experience, maturity and life experiences. Please do a search here on age and hiring, lots will come up.

    -Do NOT wait on anything. If I asked you the question- "What have you done to prepare yourself for the position?" What would your answer be- I have been waiting?

    -DO NOT SIT AROUND WAITING. You're wasting time. Start the fall EMT class now. If you cant get one, find a local CPR class some where. Start studying for EMT now.

    -Starting getting in shape now.

    -Take some local classes to self improve- Writing, speech, English, math, mechanics, auto shop, welding. Anything to better yourself.

    -Do you know how to interview? My money is on no, most people do not. Go look up Toastmasters. Take any class you can at a local college or community center.

    -Take the CPAT as soon as possible. If you fail, you know what you have to work on for the next time. The card should be good for a year, so take it soon.

    -Go volunteer some where. What have you done to give back to the community? Are you a selfish person? If so, we will see it in you. Go give something back, not just to get a job, but because you want to.

    Lastly- If you are going to focus on just one department, you are only hurting yourself. Take all the tests you can, get on all the lists you can and test out of state. It takes a while to get good at the process.

    Also find more info at- www.eatstress.com

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    1. Have a goal and a deadline

    2. Get a mentor - someone who is HIRED already

    3. Take every test you can

    4. Get your EMT-B at a minimum..but don't become a "cert whore"...cert whores don't get jobs...winning personalities do!

    5. If you're out of shape, do CrossFit...the CPAT will be a joke compared to it

    6. If you're in great shape, do CrossFit...the CPAT will be an even bigger joke compared to it

    7. Get your family and friends on board and for the long haul

    8. Learn EVERYTHING you can about the hiring process, and how to master it

    9. Do not listen to or associate with unhired half-asses, they will sink you

    10. Don't **** anyone off (at least until probation is over)

    11. Know your strengths and weaknesses, have stories to demonstrate them (and how you've mastered them in the latter), and be able to articulate them in an interview

    12. Be confident yet humble, don't stumble

    13. The fire service is all about getting along with people...if you can't do that...consider the police force

    14. Invest in a notepad; take meticulous notes of everything you learn along the way (department info, test questions, potential interview questions, etc)

    15. Remember the prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning, as it is not given to you to know how many steps are neccessary in order to reach your goal...every "no" gets you closer to a "yes"

    16. Three words: ORGANIZATION, ORGANIZATION, ORGANIZATION...you are going to have a TON on your plate for a long time...keep your sh*t locked down!

    There were (2) 40 year olds in my recruit class. One came in fit and hungry; he made valedictorian and chief's company.

    The other came in out of shape and lazy, and got handed his walking papers.

    Decide NOW who you're going to be.
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