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    Default Alternative Steels IS the Justification

    Received several emails from concerned Chiefs and rescue officers about what to do regarding Advanced Steels and rescue equipment. Below is a typical situation with some dollar figures attached to make it all the more realistic. My reply, and my advice at this point, follows the original question.

    Subject: boron cars

    After reading your article in Aug Firehouse Magazine, we checked with (our rescue tool dealer) and found that our cutters would not cut boron!. They made mention that they did not have a list of cars/trucks using Boron Steel.

    Do you have a list of vehicles using it??? They quoted us a price of 11K to upgrade two cutters. And if the list is not large then it may be hard to justify spending that amount. Thank You

    My Reply - - -

    Spend the money. It is justified.

    Even the steel industry does not have a complete list of who uses advanced steels and where. It is sort of a confidential thing for each manufacturer because they really donít want to give their competitor an advantage.

    What I do know is that, in my opinion, all new vehicles from model year 2012 and on will have Boron or one of the advanced steels in their structure. There is no other way that the car makers can comply with the roof crush and the side impact.

    There are almost 16 million vehicles produced and sold in the US each year. Maybe that will be a big enough number for your justification.
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Sure buying new tools pleases several folks, however NOW is the time to learn alternative techniques for those vehicles equipped with stronger materials. Don't delay...seek out and practice alternative techniques asap.

    Vehicle Extrication...the future is NOW!
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