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    A local high school contacted the fire department yesterday and asked if a few of the guys would come down Friday and give a talk about careers in the emergency services field and give them all kinds of options they may choice. I am wanting to cover everything from a dispatcher, Emt, firefighter and so on. So I am trying to put together a Power point and would like to put in a good firefighter recruitment video. Does anyone have one they could send me or know where I may be able to Download one. I know look at youtube however you can't download them. I need on to put into the power point and Internet access will not be available. Please feel free to email me at or just leave me a message here.


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    Shane- Still need help? PM me.....Bou

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    Unhappy fire service video

    I am not aware of a video of this type, as I have been asked the same thing, and have been trying to find one as well. Since the first post you made was in March, have you had any luck finding such a video? I have considered putting one together with clips off the internet, and such, however I am no video tech so it would be pretty shoddy at best.

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