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    Default Going to a High School FRI.

    A local high school contacted the fire department yesterday and asked if a few of the guys would come down Friday and give a talk about careers in the emergency services field and give them all kinds of options they may choice. I am wanting to cover everything from a dispatcher, Emt, firefighter and so on. So I am trying to put together a Power point and would like to put in a good firefighter recruitment video. Does anyone have one they could send me or know where I may be able to Download one. I know look at youtube however you can't download them. I need on to put into the power point and Internet access will not be available. Please feel free to email me at Shanerigney@bellsouth.net or just leave me a message here.


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    You can download Youtube videos to your computer if you want to, I would be happy to show you how if you would like.

    I'm a Junior in High School and from my point of view you need something that will get teenagers interested in what your showing. I'm in the firefighting program at my school but not because the power point I was from my chief. If that was the case I would have fell asleep and never payed any attention. Show clips of what firefighters actually do. I'm sure your department has pictures and videos of the actual accidents or fires you've actually gone to. Include those into your presentation.

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    Default Present yourself...

    Don't underestimate the power of just being yourself. Did you go to college, did you have other career choices prior to becoming a FF? What kind of training did you undergo prior to being hired and since. What about getting along with your co-workers, residents, politicians. Appreciation for those in need. The benefits and drawbacks to your work schedule. I did a similar thing for 8th graders last year on short notice and didn't have time to gather anything. I showed up with SCBA and bunkers. I talked about myself, how I came to be a FF and some of the indecision I faced regarding career choice. Kids do like photos, videos etc. but after hearing from their parents about what they should do to be successful and from their teachers about how important education is blah, blah, blah they sometimes would like to hear an honest story from an honest person. This year the teacher in charge asked that I come back for the full day. Good luck and let us know what you find. How much time do you have for presentation?


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