Volunteers, my company is looking into creating custom kits for volunteer fire vehicles. These kits would be a ready to go out of the box emergency vehicle upfit kit. It would include a mini bar, Front and Rear warning (options between hideaways or lightheads) siren and speaker, a switch panel and a wiring harness that would be set up to plug and play, making your upfit easy and safe.

we are looking into this sort of package for Volunteers, depart ments building their own utility and brush trucks, and the new craze with yamaha rhinos, and other atvs..

Is this something you all would be interested in?

Pros, cons?

What would you want?

Is this a service/ package that would be worth the cost?

This package would estimate to run anywhere from 1200-1800 depending on lighting and harness costs. We would use all LED equipment from Whelen and Guarrantee the harness for life.

This is still in the works, and if there is enough interest, we will work up costs quick

Let me Know!