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    Default Hey, from Michigan

    Hey everyone, my name is Riley. I'm 17 and currently proceeding my goal to become a firefighter. I've always been extremely interested in firefighting since I was young. I have a cousin (one of those long distance cousins that you don't really talk to) who is a firefighter for New York in the Bronx. Last year I was 16 and I began my process in becoming a firefighter. I started a class in South Carolina learning Firefighter 1. I recently moved back to Michigan and just begun school again which I am now enrolled in the Firefighting program, Firefighting 1 and 2. Although I'm a bit young and don't have to, I plan on taking the state exam at the end of this class with the older men who are taking it to get into the station so I don't have to do it later on. My long term goal is to go to the fire academy in New York and have a full time, career job somewhere in the Bronx (busy is best) by the time I'm 22.

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    Welcome to the forum Riley and good luck with your career goal. If you want to be busy in the Bronx, try E-82.

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    im from michigan as well im attending the school craft fire academy.

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