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    Default New here, would like some information

    Hey everyone,

    I am new to this, sorry if I am not putting this in the correct forum.

    Well let me start off, I am 17 years old in my senior year of high school

    I have been recently looking into joining either the Coast Guard or Air Force,
    and have been talking to my recruiters a lot.

    I really would like a job as a firefighter in the Air Force, although I heard that it is hard to get in to just because of the low amount of fires each year.
    If I could not get this job, I am really going for the Coast Guard.

    But if I do get the job as a firefighter in the Air Force and decide to leave after about 4 years, would I have all of my schooling necessary to become a firefighter in the civilian world?

    It is something I would really like to do, and any information would be really helpful.


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    What state or cities would you like to work in a as FF one day? Requirements vary from place to place. In Pennsylvania for example military service in any branch will get you points on your civil service exam but most cities are going to train you themselves. Most departments won't care when hiring you if you have any certifications as a FF.

    I served in the Coast Guard and thought it was a good experience but as with any branch of the military be skeptical of what the recruiter tells you. Talk to guys who are currently in to get the real deal.

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    i served four years in the Marines with ARFF and there was definatley an ample amount of opportunities to get certifications. coming out of their academy you have

    first responder
    ff 1 and 2
    haz mat ops
    and airport ff

    and then you've got 4 years to rack up as many other certs through CDC's and in schools as you can get into. its really all about how much drive you have to push on with your training and how your deployment schedule works out.

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