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    Last week I was doing safety checks on vehicles for “Crunch Time”. While removing a passenger side seat belt pretensioner from a 1995 VW Jetta, the pretensioner (non-electrical) deployed. Before I started the removal process, I confirmed that the battery was removed. I then cut the seat belt to reduce my exposure and then I removed the cable/exhaust tube from the rocker panel. Next I removed the bolt attaching the pretensioner from the B post. As I was maneuvering the pretensioner from the B post the pretensioner deployed. I had my helmet, eye protection and gloves on during deployment. First time in fifteen years that I had a SRS deploy on me.
    Todd D.Meyer
    Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One

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    The seatbelt pretensioner on this vehicle is a pyro pretensioner with amechanical sensors, so there is no electrical triggering. I think taking it out of the vehicle has set it of because of the movement.

    We had several of similar events here in the usa and I think Ron also wrote about the pretensioner of a VW Passat where he set of the device with a cip saw.
    Jorg Heck
    Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V.

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    Yes, I had a pre-tensioner deployment occur on a Passat while I was sawing across the bottom of the passenger's side B-pillar. The vehicle had been involved in a broadside collision on the driver's side.

    Because this VW design is mechanically activated, the vibration of the recip saw caused the deployment. The battery had been completely disconnected at the time that the deployment occurred. Because the seatbelt had been cut prior to B-pillar work beginning, all that happened was the loud bang and then the seatbelt webbing spun around the take-up spool a few times.

    Todd; There really isn't any justifiable reason to remove pretensioners from acquired vehicles prior to extrication training.
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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