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    Most of the problems arise from the cooled EGR getting clogged, the oil cooler getting clogged, or people using aftermarket oil filters.

    The oil cooler and EGR cooler are notorious for failing. With the 6.0 liter (VT365), Ford also introduce it's "GOLD" coolant. The gold coolant wasn't good, it would result in solids forming in the coolant, which eventually clogged the coolant passages of the oil cooler, especially when people mixed in ethylene-glycol based coolants, which are completely non-compatible with Ford Gold coolant.

    On the EGR cooler, exhaust soot and such would eventually clog it as well. This caused oil temps to rise and the stagnant coolant in the EGR cooler to boil. The bubbles in the coolant made their way to the heads which resulted in blown gaskets and cracked heads.

    If you talk with mechanics that work on International Trucks with the VT365, they have almost zero problems with it's cooling system. The reason is simple, heavier trucks had looser emission requirements, which didn't require them to use the cooled EGR. Plus International didn't use the Gold coolant.

    If you want to really make a 6.0 (and it's expensive injectors) last, you need really clean fuel, really clean oil, and really clean coolant.
    • Add a fuel filter/water separator that goes down to 2 microns, a Racor 645R with a R45S element will do the trick.
    • Use a lubricity improver for the fuel. Many people speak highly of Stanadyne Lubricity Formula. I have a 2002 7.3. To cope with the poor lubricity of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel, I add 20 ounces of Super Tech Outboard 2-Cycle TC-W3 Engine Oil at each fill up. If you want to know more about fuel lubricity enhancers, read this report.
    • Use only Motorcraft oil and fuel filters. If you look closely, the filters for the 6.0L engines from Motorcraft have a patent number on them. Legally, no other filter manufacturer can sell an identical filter, without risking a financial penalty for violating patent laws. Therefore, no off-brand filter, no matter who makes it, is made to the same specs as the Motorcraft filters. This rule doesn't apply to 99% of other filters, but it does to the patented Motorcraft filters. The cartridge oil filter used on the 6.0 is more finicky to filters that are out of spec. An out-of-spec filter will allow unfiltered oil to reach your engine, making your oil filter useless, and supplying your expensive engine with dirty oil. This problem was so frequent that Ford made a video addressing it. Here it is.
    • Add a bypass oil filter that filters to 2 microns absolute (not nominal). Diesel soot gets suspended in the oil, especially on the 6.0L because of the EGR. Soot particles eventually clump together. When they get big enough, the bypass filter catches them before they can cause engine or injector damage. Lots of kits on the market for this too. Adding one to a 6.0 is really easy, easier than almost any vehicle made. Here is a video showing you how.
    • Get rid of the Ford Gold coolant and switch to something like Evans NPG+. At atmospheric pressure, this coolant doesn't boil until it reaches 375º. This means you can drill a tiny hole in your radiator cap to relieve expansion gas pressure, making your coolant system a zero-pressure system, meaning you'll likely never see a ruptured radiator hose. This is a true lifetime coolant that uses no water.
    • Add a coolant filter. There are numerous kits on the aftermarket that include all the necessary parts and can be installed by almost anyone. Replacement filters are readily available at almost any NAPA store.
    • Have a competent mechanic install a EGR delete kit. This will prevent a huge load from your cooling system, reducing the chance that you'll get a cracked head or blown head gasket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2008TNFHS View Post
    Ford USE to make good engines(I have a 94 5.8, 220000 miles and still runs great) and they make good work trucks just the 6.0 sucks.
    Me too! My '94 has 270,000+! One durable son of a gun.
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    Best Day of my life=the day I sold my personal 6.0

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