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    Smile Transcaer Whistle Stop Tour in Buffalo

    Yesterday, Sept. 22, I attended this event at Bison Yard, courtesy of Norfolk Southern, DuPont and the Chemical industry and found everything that I got out of it to be well worth the time spent. In fact, I believe attending one of these should be mandatory for many fire departments whose training in hazmat and/or rescue extrication techniques is lacking and I am sure there are some departments in this category. Among the classes I attended was Amtrak's class on evacuating a passenger trains as Wyoming County DOEs see an occasional excursion trip with Amtrak equipment operated between Buffalo and Corning once in awhile. That on a line that has not had regular service since 1969. I am sure some of the principles I picked up on could be applicable to highway motorcoaches since these buses are of similarly heavy construction. Best part about this training is that it is FREE. Why more fire departments around Western New York don't take advantage of this smacks on the amazing. Sooner or later our departments are going to have to deal with a hazmat or other incident involving the railroad and what I picked up is material that every firefighter worth his or her salt would be wise to know.

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    2 years, NJ Transit came to town and did a presentation for us. Followed it up with a hands on drill at our train station with a 6 car train/crew and passengers. We couldn't burn it, but smoke machines were used.

    Was some very valuable information taught/learned.

    Was helpful in knowing their procedures for an emergency as well.

    Good training.

    While no Hazmat involved (as we are the end of a passenger only line), sounds like you got some good stuff as well.

    And I'll agree, it's an area not trained on enough.
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