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    Smile Nice Job MColley


    Everyone of us needs to study the progress of this project. Allow me to extend my sincere admiration at your efforts and accomplishment. While you now have a 1981 Carl Thibault, 1050 gpm pump working properly, the Fire Academy in Nova Scotia has a wrench turner with a lot more confidence. Additionally, this forum has an experienced contributor with hands on knowledge about repairing a Hale relief valve. Mcolley you can officially walk around with a big head for a day or two, but other problems will bite your butt soon.
    I have cut and pasted some of your correspondence below, so that everyone can view your comments and questions in light of how a successful conclusion was achieved. This is the sort of thing that should be happening through these forums instead of the attempted character assassination that so often occurs here.

    “I have never really delt with pumps before but I am learning.”

    “I am having a lot of issues getting things back up to an operating level where it is worth while to have a preventative plan.”

    “I understand the concept of how they work but I have never takin' one apart. I have the original diagrams that Hale sent with the pump which I have studied and it has defantly helped me understand the valves better. AS I stated before I have never really delt with the maitnance side of pumps untill I started my job here.”

    “LMFAO. A F&*$ING Big one”

    “I want to thank everyone for thier input on this. I offically sovled my problem today. I finally got the valve out of the pump and took it all apart and cleaned it up, put it back inAfter much head banging against the wall it turns out someone before me had done work to it and actually had two of the water lines reversed. Once I figured this out and switched them it works like a top now.”

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    Well done! Now see to it that all of that stuff gets exercised regularly.

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    A tip from my hat to you, awesome job.

    I agree with Kuh 1,000%.

    I'm the one Fire and Rescue calls, when they need to be Rescued.

    Quote Originally Posted by EastKyFF
    "Firemens gets antsies. Theys wants to goes to fires. Sometimeses they haves to waits."

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    Default Thanks

    Well Thank you to everyone again. Esspecially for the kind words. I can say I am not hear to bash anyones character in anyway. All I am looking for is a place to get some information on problems and give some information should I have anything worth while to contribute. As stated I am new to the pump side of things and I am by no means a licneced mechanic but I try and I learn from everything I do. I enjoy my job hear at the fire school and I throughly enjoy being part of the fire service as a vol. fire fighter.


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