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    Question Looking for new area to move to - volunteer or paid with EMS?

    Hi everyone! I'm a new poster to the site and I had a question for you guys and girls.

    I'm looking to move to a new area of the states and right now my options are totally open.

    I am EMT-B certified (but possibly looking into training for paramedic), and have had 4 years of volunteer fire experience with multiple certifications (Hazmat, Pumps, Survival, etc) as well as going through the Delmar basic firefighting training program which entitles me to challenge FF1 but I didn't chose to do so as I moved to Israel in 2007. I have been a firefighter here in Israel for the last year and half, but it is not what I expected or hoped.

    So what I am asking is from anyone out there to give suggestions of places to go in the States in May 2010.

    I don't mind being volunteer but then I would require a EMT job, which means I would need to have an area that have privatized EMS options and not only ones that run out of fire stations. I also would love to hear of great areas to go for paid departments as well (testing and CPAT aside which I am already training for currently).

    Anyone of help? The world is my oyster as they say

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    Smile Mountains?

    Well, since no one has answered you, thought I'd throw out my department. It's completely volunteer and resides in the Big Thompson Canyon (thus the Big Thompson Canyon VFD) between Estes Park and Loveland, Co. It's a beautiful area and they put me through Fire 1 & Emt and lots of other training. They are paying for me to take IV next month and I have also gone to rope rescue academy, Wildland, and Ems conferences. We receive funding from Loveland Rural so we actually have a very nice main station and two additional small ones. Everyone is traditional (just go to the calls that you can). TVEMS is one of the highest paid EMS services and we work with them (they are out of Loveland). I have lots of pics on my facebook.. just look up myfireangel in Drake, co.

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    Delaware is always looking for volunteer firefighters and/or EMT's. We are nearly 100% volunteer volunterr fire and many EMT options, private and fire based.

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    hey thanks! i'll definately take a look at both delaware and loveland - loveland sounds really great actually and delaware is beautiful

    thanks for the heads up!

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