Hey guys new to the forum and fairly new to the fire service. I came off my year of probation about 3 weeks ago. Ive been an EMT for 2 yrs now and completed paramedic school almost 6 months ago. i'm not looking to cross over to the "other side"(thats what the guys here call the EMS side) but would like to have the paramedic bonus pay.I just took my national registry written test for the second time yesterday and just found out I didn't pass again. Jus seeing if anyone had any advice for web sites or study materials that might help me out. After my first attempt i went mack through my text book and study all the main chapters(cardiology, pulmonary, neuro, medical emergencies) but this didn't seem to help. I'm feeling a little discouraged and just want to get this paramedic monkey off my back.