Well I'm Mason I am a 20 year old Criminal Justice major from Franklin County, Missouri. I have been volunteering in law enforcement for about 6 years and I am going to the Missouri Sherrif's Training Academy in Jan. I ran out of CJ classes and needed more credits to be a full time student so I thought some firefighting classes at my college would be good for extra first responder training. Well I went from using it as a filler that to loving every bit of the class. I talked to my supervisor at work (a long time member of the local FD) and he said I should join. Well finally, I applied and this week I was contacted and my agility test is next week and I can't wait! Well I thought I would start looking around on here for some info that will get me started for the path ahead as I start out as a volunteer firefighter.

Hope to talk to you all soon. Stay safe!