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    Default Fire Explorer/Jr. Firefighting

    does anyone know of any Fire Explorer or Jr. Firefighting programs around northeast ohio. im 16 and want to start learning about firefighting. any help would be great thanks

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    This may be a difficult place to get a local answer from. I would start shooting emails or making phone calls to departments in your area. If a dept has a website, they'll usually post that they have an explorer/Jr program. Your school counselor (or whatever they're called at your school) may be able to help you find something as well.

    The Explorer program is ran by Learning For Life, a part of the Boy Scouts. The contact info to your local office is:

    Learning for Life
    2241 Woodland Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44115
    Phone: (216) 861-6060

    Hopefully this helps, and someone from your area sees this! Have fun.

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    I don't know what part of NorthEast Ohio you are from, but Willoughby and Mentor FD's have FireExplorer programs.

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