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    Default Land management to reduce wildfires

    ABC TV (government station) in Australia has a couple of items this week on fire management that maybe of interest to those who read this forum.


    Advocating fuel reduction burns in the top end ie Northern Territory to be conducted by first nation peoples. A cool burn removes fine fuels and supposedly produces less green house gases than hot uncontrolled wildfires that consume everything.

    Alot of smoke and mirrors with political driven overtones.

    This week was a very good documentary on a family devastated by Black Saturday. http://www.abc.net.au/austory/specia...ty/default.htm
    I do not have access to broadband so I cannot test the link. A very sad story with people not realising just what was coming at them. Probably a good bunker located in the wrong place on the hot side of the hill and with no way of accessing it from the house.
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