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    Was just curious how many members of the forums are prior military? If so which branch? And has there been any regrets after leaving the military? I'm currently active duty Air Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Have two years left on my contract and would be curious to hear from other vets regarding how their transition from the military service to Fire Service panned out.

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    Hey MadMan,

    I am prior service Air Force. I got out in 2006 and was last stationed on Kadena AB like you. I have no regrets about getting out. I love civilian life. I'm currently in the Air National Guard as a firefighter which gives me the best of both worlds. I got to tell you though, that it is rough out here. With the way the economy is going, it is tough, but do able. Good luck with all your decisions.

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    USMC. No regrets, but miss some of the experiences at times.

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    Talking A little help to get you started.

    Hey wanted to let you know I just got out at the begining of this year. I tell ya life is great. You miss the people, but not the BS and the pay is way better.
    I started working on my the application process about a year and half out. You have to deciede if you want to stay with the DOD or find a City Department to go with. If you choose DOD, just like in the military you have deciede what geographical area you want to work in, enless you know somebody at a base. Pretty much use military lingo, EPR's and Awards bullets for your app. Once you finish your app, have your mangement hiring team look at it and ask them whats exceptable and what's not. Also family readiness should have something to help you with the application process. Then goto USA Jobs and look at what certs you have compared to what the department are looking for. Get what you can. Apply to the ones you want, give the department a call and get in contact with a Chief and let them know you applied and plan on getting out at whatever time. Also keep your Senior NCO's in the loop, if your good airmen they may know somebody at the base or bases your apply to and make a phone call on your behave.

    Any questions or need some help contact me. Me and my "Wingman" got out and both stayed in the DOD and love it. (I join my local guard unit as well. So I stay current with training and to keep Tri-Care. I like going to doc and not having to pay anything.)

    Good Luck.

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