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    Post retirement/pensions

    I just wanted to ask a few questions to some of the new guys about there retirement? How many years and at what percent when you reach the min ret. age and also do you still get your/family healthcare after you retire. I am more interested in the newer hires, it just seems like every year us new guys get less and less. I guess that is just how it is. I had to move from my home for my job and my retirement is 60% after 28 yrs of service, back home it is 85% after 25 yrs some and some fds are still giving healthcare and some are not.

    Thanks for all the replies....

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    50% at 20 years, no age requirement. Additional money for years 21-30. As for healthcare, you retain coverage until Medicare eligibility, but are responsible for any future cost increases.

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    Wouldn't it depend on what state your in ?? (not hired so i can't say for me)

    Prolly get a list of what they get and what state or area of the state they are in too.

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    NC's local government retirement is about 53% at 30 years. The city I work for pays offers insurance util I'm 65. The city also matches 5% into 457 and puts 3% into 401K.

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