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    Question New want your opinions

    I've been researching the firefighting career and every link puts me here, so I'm new to the forums. I am 18 just graduated highschool in 09 and am debating on what to do. I either want to go to college, get my associates degree in fire science , and become a firefighter, investigator etc; or join the Marine Corps. My question is; in this recession could I be able to find a firefighting job with an associates degree in fire science? These are the only 2 careers that really intrigue me. I'm in excellent shape and I think I'm pretty smart (not bragging or anything ), so I think I could make it in the career if given a job opening. Thanks

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    IMO, i'd say go to college. Get your associates or even a BS, but not necessarily in fire science. I've heard most people say the fire science degree isnt very worthwhile. Say you get injured or find the fire service is not your lifelong career. If you have a more versatile degree in management, or business, or health policy, or the sciences, you can easily fall back on something else. Plus most degrees, especially the ones listed above, will serve you just as well gaining promotion in the fire service. Plus, your college years will be some of the best times of your life and you'll learn a lot more than just book smarts.

    Look at some of the older posts asking about what you would have done differently if you could do it all over again. A lot of the guys said "finish my degree first".

    Good luck in whatever you do, you're very young and have plently of time.

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    1. I would go to school and get that degree. An education is priceless, it doesn't expire and no one can take it away.

    2. Next- decide where you want to work and live. The requirements are different in every state.

    3. Unless you really, REALLY want to be in the military, I would NOT recommend it. Why?

    - Some wanna-be Firefighters go off the military, get a wife, get comfortable, laxed, in a grove, in debt and never come back to their original idea of the fire service.

    - The few extra points you get for service is nice for the civil service exam, but not worth the commitment. If a department wants to hire you, they will regardless of the 5 extra points received. Most departments want paramedics AND education these days and those are the golden nuggets to bring to the table.

    Please look around this board, they are lots of topics already covered.
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