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    Default Harley Raffle questions

    I'm from a small VFD in Southern New Jersey. We are looking into fundraising ideas and one of the things that was brought up is a Harley raffle. We have never done a raffle of this size before and are a little unsure as to how to go about it. Our problem is that we do not have the cash to purchase a bike and then raffle it off. Has any other departments out there been able to work out some kind of deal with a dealer...basically getting the bike on consignment or paying it off as ticket sales come in, without actually financing it. I'm looking for any and all input when it comes to this raffle as I'd really like to make it a success. Thanks in advance.

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    Just finished our 7th raffle. Go to Atlantic County Harley on Black Horse Pike (i think that's the road). They have been very good to work with.

    We do a Harley, trailer, and gift certificate that come to between $23-25k each year. We sell only 2500 tickets at $20 each. 4 of the 7 years, we have sold out of tickets.

    BUT - you have to have a good location and opportunities to sell the tickets. We are very fortunate that we can bring the bike up on our boardwalk and sit there for a few hours a night. Makes selling the tickets easy.
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