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    I was wondering what my odds are for getting hired for the 2010 fire season in California? Im planning on applying for usfs and cal fire. ive been a explorer for 2 and a half years, i went to a wildland academy for explorers for the forest service in which i have my I-100 S-110 S-130 S-190 L-180 IS-700 and fire investigation 110 and going to be finishing my emt by mid november. Im really wanting to get hired on this season coming up, I know its early but I want to get a head start to help me better my odds.

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    The Area I live in has open hirings after the first of the year. Cal Fire hires alot from up here every year. Try looking up the Lassen National Forest (USFS) Also Cal Fire for Lassen and Plumas county. They hire a ton of people every year seasonal up here. The largest town up in Northeastern California is Susanville. There is a USFS headquarters here and a CalFire headquarters.

    Good Luck


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