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    Default Hello from Northeastern California

    Hi im new on here. I just made the change from a volunteer on a great rural department up in North Eastern California and working a full time job to a Full time paid fire fighter in a metro area. Its the job Ive always dreamed of since I was a kid. I have a slight dillema though. The departments ploicy Ive gotten hired on allows the station uniforms to 100% cotton as long as they meet the NFPA standard. But Im trying to find the best pricing on them as I am going way way out of budget just to take this job. I know CAL FIRE used to allow these uniforms and now require the nomex blend. So Im wondering if anyone might have some used Cotton Uniforms in 2x that are in good shape??? For a more cost effective price?? Im between Reno Nevada and Redding California and have about a week and a half to get them. Or now of a vendor that is looking to liquidate some old stock.. please pm me or email at Akingccc@yahoo.com



    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Andy- Enable your PM box.


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    Be sure to visit this location,,,OFTEN.

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