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    Default FEMA firefighters

    Is anyone familiar with FEMA firefighters? My husband is in the process of going from active duty FF to HOPFULLY DoD FF. We are willing to go wherever we need to and noticed a couple of FEMA firefighter listing in VA. His position now is out at Fort Rucker on their Medivac crash rescue team at Flat Iron. Im no stranger to him being gone for weeks a time while he works at Camp Merrill, GA. Anyone know how their scheduling works and if you would recommend it?


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    Why not consider testing to become a County or City Firefighter as well? You can go to Firecareers.com and pick any state to see who is hiring. I just think you shouldn't limit yourself if your husband wants to be a firefighter?

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    Default FEMA Firefighter

    I agree with XfedFF- do not let him limit himself to the DoD or the federal system only, explore all possible job listings and openings.. With DoD right now if a firefighter job opens up hundreds apply, where I am at presently we listed 6-GS4 Trainee firefighter and recieved 200+ applicants for the position.
    And most where present GS5/6/7 firefighter looking to relocate and willing to take a paycut.
    Plus I believe we are coming up on the time frame where BRAC Bases will be closing- those firefighters will have priority over anyone.
    I do not mean to be a downer about this -by all means try the DoD or other federal Departments(VA,USGC, US Forestry,DOE) but just do not limit oneself to just them try them all.
    Also for Federal check US Job online for openings.
    Good luck in your search

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    Brian and Xfed - We have not been limiting to just DoD. We are looking into city departments that would be in our prime relocation areas and applying with them to. We have about a year left active duty so the likely hood of getting picked up now is not great but it gives him experience in interview/testing etc.
    One of our concerns about going with as a city FF is that we need really good insurance. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and my meds alone cost over 6K a month so we know DoD has great insurance the city fire departments Im not as sure about.
    We are prepairing financially for a possibly long stent of no work until something opens up (scary!!)

    Right now he has-
    FF 1 and 2, driver,hazmat, EMT-B and some other FF certs some where in there. He should be pretty well qualified and it is worrysome about BRAC and the ton of DoD fire fighters applying.

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