I just got word that a FF1 candidate was turned away from taking a written exam because he had yet to test for practical skills and live fire.

I just checked with our SFM office and going through the training requirements online I could not see anything confirming this order of exams.

Am I right in assuming now this is the correct way with other states as well? Live Fire then Practical skills then written?

If so, with all the pressure coming down from the Feds about achieving FF1 status for volunteer departments, WHY can't there be some versatility within our SFM's to help clear away these obstacles?

I mean it. They are going to require a volunteer FF to have a nfpa 1001 certification to even be able touch a nozzle. To to even be insured, liability wise and they still continue to hold to this protocol? Its bad enough they have to wait for months for a testing date and very often hours away. Our communities and volunteer departments are increasing pressures. Cuts in funding from everywhere. Ever increasing full time job pressures in the private sector and still they have to step into the professional fire service world and encounter these kind of obstacles. From the federal requirements to the state demands and maintain a living wage from the private sector, its a wonder these dedicated volunteers don't tell the regulators to take a flying hike? They demand they comply and then set a rule in reverse as a roadblock to achieve what the demand.

No matter how one explains it, it is wrong. So wrong it could and will have repurcussions. It will end up in litigation somewhere, and soon.