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    Default Akron Laying Off 38 Members?

    Is it true the leadership in Akron would rather lay off 38 of their members instead of freezing longevity pay?

    <<<Leaders of the 368-member fire union turned down an offer by the city to rescind layoff notices in exchange for a deferral of this year's longevity payments -- bonuses based on years of service -- until 2012.>>>>

    Sounds like the old timers are more interested in their retirement than letting 38 newer members keep their jobs. I say shame on you. If those are the facts, thats the old timers screwing the rookies.

    PROUD IAFF member who would never give my new guys a shaft.

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    well, there is a lot more to the story than that. We didnt want to give up longevity pay only to have the guys get laid off jan 1. The city couldnt guarantee that they wouldnt lay the guys off in three months. They havent really asked for anything else and we still have about 12 deputy mayors in our city at over $100,000 a piece for a part time job. Other unions here with more members didnt get any layoff notices. Longevity is something that the city wanted to pay us in lieu of raises in other years. I could go on and on about the ways that the city has screwed us over.....

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