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    The dept. I used to work for had a designated hydrant man on each rig. Though, the dept. i was on was also a paid dept. Still, at our oulying station, you might only have three men to a(n) engine/truck, engineer, officer, and firefighter. Usually, if we pulled up first on scene at one of these outlying stations we would go ahead and grab a hydrant and get it started, no since in taking a chance with your water, never know what could happen, the valve from the tank to the pump could malfunction while you're in there. ANyway,we would make sure though that we could get our truck comapny(s) in before it got blocked by any second due engine units. Even if we didn't use the aerial, we kept it to where we could use it if need be. Unless of course it was a single story structure that any extention ladder could easily handle. Anyway, it's alway better tobe safe than sorry. If you have four persons to a unit, then you have plenty to do what's needed upon arrival. Get your truck and tools set before ever thinking about making any kind of attack, especially interior. If you get into too big of a hurry, you just may find yourself making more problems than you need later on, like blocked access or water line failure with no instant backup. But, that's just my two cents. Just please, don't ever do what I've seen some dept.'s do, some have only an officer and driver manning the station, one drives the engine, the other the tanker or ladder (whichever they have). I have seen a lone firefighter pull up on seen, hook up a hydrant, put the engine into pump gear, put pressure on the line and enter the house before any other firefighter's showed up, completely unacceptable and insane if you ask me. And yes, this has happened more than once at the same dept.
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    Safety before operations.

    That second due may never get there - breakdown, accident, etc.


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