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    Default Full time depts that utilize part time members?

    Was just curious to how some of you full time departments out there utilize part time members? I currently work as a part time FFII/EMT-P and we are trying to make some changes to the way we do the schedule and training. Just trying to get some ideas on what would be the ideal set up. We run 2 stations with our minimum manning at 2 full time members at each station.

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    Full Time always 24s. Part Time scheduled either 10 daytime or 14 nights. Always 5 on duty; 3 Full time and 2 part time at each station. PT almost always 3rd or 4th Medic Unit out, never 1st unless overloaded or hit with long hauls.

    Day PT work with Full Time on daily chores. Night PT assigned cleaning details, misc and ancillery duties; (the standard 8 hour stuff to do); always secondary to calls.

    Day PT credited 2 hours idle for meals, in theory.
    Night PT credited 6 hours idle for sleep and meals, in theory.

    Night PT have the sleep time figured in. Other than that, they are the same. 10s and 14s switch every fourth week. Shift Change 7am. Works better than 12s in my opinion.

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    Primarily volunteer combo department with 3 fulltime shift personnel scheduled 1 per 24-hour shift, a paid M-F Deputy Chief and a paid M-F Public Education/Training Coordinator.

    We use 1 part-time shift Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM for a daytime staffing of 4..

    On weekends we use 2 part-time 7AM-5PM shifts. 2nd spot covers the Deputy Chief position for a staffing of 3. Public Education/Training Coordinator spot not covered.

    Part-time employees are volunteer members that have met certain criteria.

    All fulltime days off/vacation/sick days are covered by qualified volunteers.

    They are paid based on a base rate plus rank pay with fire and EMS certification bonuses. No deductions for meals or sleep time.

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    Default Part Timers

    Our department is a combination department. We have three fulltime firefighters assigned to each shift. Anytime we are going to have less than two show up for duty we will schedule a part timer to work that shift or we will utilize overtime.

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