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    Default Hello From N.S. Canada

    Hello All,

    I am kinda new to the fourms I have been on for a little bit getting some info on relief valves. I got some great information and want to thank everybody for their help. I not on here not to bash anyone just to get some information on problems I may run into. Or provide any information that may be helpful to someone.

    A little about me. I am a Vol. Lt. and have been in the fire service for 11 years. I am part of a composite station. I am also a certifed driver/operator and have been for the last 6 years.

    I currently work at the Fire School in Nova Scotia. I work in the maitnance dept. I do everything here from clean to repair things. I am the only mechanic (not licneced) on staff.

    I enjoy my job and love the fire service. I look forward to talking with everyone on here and helping if I can.

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    Welcome aboard

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