We're going to be installing a temporary station near a drawbridge. Has anyone come up with a signaling system between a fire station and a drawbridge? Trying to not reinvent the wheel here.

My goal would be a light in the station to let the crews know the bridge is up or the up sequence has started. Maybe a count up clock to show how long it's been up. Also a push button to let the bridge tender know a crew is on the way to the bridge from the station in the hopes they would delay an opening until after our unit clears the bridge.

Lucky for us, almost all the responses for this station will be in the other direction. But I could see this being a help for the rare cases where they need to go toward the draw bridge.

My first thought would be a Part 15 radio link. Line of sight about 1600'. I can think of lots of ways to do this, but I would like to hear from someone that has done this to see how well it works and how you did it.