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    Question Line-X Chevrons

    Here is my thinking. We just had the aluminum diamond plate in the bottom of the compartments on our quint sprayed with Line-x. It looks awesome. Relatively inexpensive and really cleaned up the appearance of our 15yo compartments. So what I would like to do is have Chevrons made of Line-x or Speedliner applied to the back of our pumper with a UV protectant included to keep them from fading. It would clean up the dingy diamond plate, and keep it from corroding. It is reflective if done correctly, though not as reflective as typical Chevrons. That might be Ok though since it seems Chevrons can be "too reflective."

    Throw out your opinions on this. Let me know how you think this would look. If you have a pic of something similar lets see it. Thanks!

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    How can something be "too reflective"??
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    Never heard of anybody saying the Line-X was "reflective"..... Shiny, mabie, but not reflective.

    Why don't you have a local sheet metal shop laser cut you a piece of .125 aluminum to fit around all of the junk on the back of the rig, then have a graphics shop put real chevrons on? Simply screw it down w/ stainless hardware and then you have the real thing. Trying to Line-X chevrons is going to be a LOT of work, and the rigs going to have to be OOS for a couple of days I'm sure. With an aluminum substrate it takes a half hour to attach it to the back of the truck.

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    another vote for the .125 aluminum overlay. We have a '87 FTI that is a great engine, but the back is treadplate painted grey (yea same color as pavement). There was no way the reflective tape would have stayed on the painted treadplate.

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    Figuring the back of a truck as we speak. I priced these options for 2-color chevrons:

    Scene Dots: 400.00

    DiamonDiamonds: 320.00

    Solid Sheet of printed reflective chevrons (on flat aluminum): 425.00

    6-inch reflective tape on flat aluminum: 240.00

    I'd like to see a photo of the Line-X option.


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