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    Default Contract FD to Civil Services (DOD Employee)

    Our Department is Contract Department to a military base. I would say about 75% prior military or retired military and the rest are local guys that met the requirements set fourth by the DOD to be firefighter.
    A few months ago we were emailed there is a possibility of us going GS in 5 years. Last weeks Union meeting we were told we are going to GS system and we may seeing the move as early as 2011, 2012 physical year.

    So here we are as department pretty much sitting in the dark on what's next or what to expect. We are looking for insight on the procceeding and what to prepare for. For the guys that have been here retired or prior military that are over or nearing the civil service retirment age what can they except? And for the guys that are the young bloods in the department that have been hired in the last few years civilian or prior military what should we except?

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    If you all are going to the GS pay system. Are all of you going to have to re-apply for your jobs again in the Fed system? If so, and you are over (I think around 37) you can't get hired as a Fed firefighter. Are you going to start working a Fed schedule 24 on-24 off? The GS retirement isn't all it is crackedup to be either. Sorry I sound so down but I know some guys that work in the Fed system and don't care for it but, are to old to leave.

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    Default Federal Service

    If this conversion happens, look to re-apply for your job again. You may want to purchase some of the "Federal Employment" books that are available at Amazon.com, Waldenbooks, etc. to help you through the application process.

    Also, if you are prior military, you may want to have a Form DD 214 handy to apply for any Veterans Preference that you may qualify for. If disabled Vet , the Civil Service letter from the VA stating your % of disibility needs to be within one year old to be used for Veteran Disibility Preference.

    If you are not selected for the new Civil Service Department, does the contractor that you are employed with, have fire protection contracts at other military installations? There may be the possibility where you could transfer with your contractor to another installation that they contract with (fire or non-fire position).

    I would assume that since you have a security clearance and DOD Fire Certs, you could go on www.usajobs.opm.com and look for fire positions at other military installations, too.

    Good luck in your endeavors.

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