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    Default audio clipping firefighter down

    Im in search of an audio clipping that shows a good example of what can happen to you when at an MVC in bad weather. The audio clipping has radio traffic of the dispatcher talking to a quint company (possible a truck company). A firefighter was struck by a passing vehicle and then later a second firefighter was struck. The dispatcher then dispatches more units to the scene. All this can be heard on the audio clipping.

    I would like to know where I could find this to show it around at the firehouse. Sorry for not having much information, I don't know what city this was in or what year. Thanks for the help

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    Default highway safety

    HI. I have the audio you wish. I recieved a copy from my Assistant Chief via Ron Moore to use for our traffic safety programs. Send me an email and i will send to you. It is From ohio.


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